"Tacoma Narrows, a NYC based band, taps into traditional folk and old-time country music, infusing the admixture with a pop-rocking dose of big city adrenaline. They've been around the block. The music is tight but flexible, wistful but wired. My toes are totally tappin' to it. This remarkable first offering sets the bar encouragingly high. The making of this album was an odyssey from which emerged a band of truly professional recording artists as well as live performers, Tacoma Narrows with Good Mourning have a runaway hit.

  - Gary Peterson | Gary Peterson Art and Music Reviews

“Good Mourning” is now one of my most anticipated albums coming out."

             - "You need to know | TACOMA NARROWS" - Jimmy Shirley - The Music Corner 

"The instrumentals and vocals are crazy good... They really put on a great show."

             - "Carolina Jubilee" - A Forks Tale

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