NPR Tiny Desk Concert Video

I. NPR Tiny Desk Concert Video

We all went up to Vermont the other weekend to film our video for the 2016 NPR Tiny Desk Contest.  We filmed outside with one mic.  To say it was very cold is an understatement.  Listen to the banter at the end with Will and Jonah complaining. :)  The more views, likes, comments and shares we get on the video, the more likely we will be selected!  Anything you can do to help is amazing. 

II. Rockwood Musichall Stage 2 Spring Residency 

We're moving up in the world!  On the heals of a sold out album release show we'll be playing three shows at Rockwood in the Spring.  Here are the dates.  Please come and bring your friends if you're in the area!

- March 26th - 9PM

- April 23rd - 9PM

- May 28th - 9PM

III. Live Bluegrass Recording of Crazy Train

We're going to start sending out at least one free exclusive track in all of our emails that go out.  This one was recorded at our album release show at Rockwood.  Click here to listen. Hope you enjoy it!

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Thank you for your continued support!

With love and gratitude,

Tacoma Narrows  (Cheney, Will, Joe, Jim, Jonah and Ken)